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Our Teaching Pillars
Our Teaching Pillars


*Life of Prophet Mohammad (PUH)

*Islamic Faith & Aqeedah




North West Islamic School is a non-profit voluntary organization set up by like minded parents for imparting Islamic knowledge and Quran to the younger generation. Parents do have a lot of questions.  Below are a few of the frequently asked questions which should be able to answer most of the queries.  However, if any other queries are to be answered you may contact the school admin on Saturdays.

  • Does Northwest Islamic School provide the CBE syllabus?

North West Islamic School is primarily a weekend school that is set up to provide Islamic and Quranic teachings to children of school going age.  As of the present the school does not have a CBE syllabus.

  • What is the curriculum the school follows and is it an established curriculum?

The school follows the curriculum as prescribed by Weekend Leaning. The Islamic Studies books from Weekend Learning Publishers are based on a comprehensive 10-year curriculum. The curriculum covers broad aspects of Islam based on the Qur’an and authentic Hadith.

  • What are the ages of children admitted in the school?

The age groups of children admitted in the school 7 years to 15 years and both genders.  The upper limit is flexible but the school admin reserves the right to admit children of ages less than 7 years ( i.e. born before the September 30 of the current year).  However interested parents can check with the school for further information.

  • We have recently moved the Calgary and my child was in a weekend school in Grade 3 at the previous school.  Will he be admitted to the next grade?

The admission of the child into a particular grade will be based on the knowledge the child has and this will be assessed by the Principal.

  • Do you have common classes for boys and girls or separate.

Grades 1- 3 are having common classrooms for boys and girls.  This was done to manage resources better.   However, this may or may not change over time.

  • What are the subjects that are taught in the grades?

The subjects taught are the Islamic Studies and Quran with Tajweed.  For more details please visit

  • What will the child achieve in each grade and how will it help in his religious education?

The child will be made aware of the Islamic Teachings, Hadiths, behavioral etiquette as a Muslim and also learn the proper pronunciation while reading the Quran from well excellent teachers.

  • Do you teach Quran and does the school have a Hifz program?

Quran is taught as a subject only and the school does not have a Hifz program.

  • What extra-curricular activities does the school have for children of all ages?

The school has a field day for play activities, field trips and projects related to knowledge of Islam.

  • Is the school run by the North West Musallah board?

The School is not run by the North West Musallah board and is an independent provider.  However, the Musallah is highly supportive and provides for the school requirements.

  • My child was refused admission because of lack of vacant slots last year, what are the chances of this happening again this year?

The school was lacking space at the beginning of the current academic years and most of the new applicants were put on the waiting list. Also, most of the applicants who applied after the cut-off date were not added to the waiting list for the same reason.  Presently, the school has additional area by leasing space from the CBE school opposite the Musallah and In Sha Allah the capacity would be increased.

  • Is there a volunteering requirement for the parents that requires their presence in the school?

NWIS encourages involvement of parents in the School activities and hence the volunteer program has been implemented.  The parents serving the school would serve as examples to the children by showing the importance of serving the community.

  • How many hours (sessions) of volunteering is required?

Parents are expected to undertake at least Eight (8) sessions of volunteering (i.e. eight school days).  These 8 sessions could be shared by the parents with both mother and father doing 4 each.

  • Is Volunteering mandatory or can we avoid it by forfeiting the volunteer deposit?

Parents are requested to consider the volunteering mandatory and avoid the forfeiting of the volunteer deposit.  Unless there is a valid reason that prevents the parents from volunteering (e.g. taking care of infant while other parent is working, illness) NWIS expects parents to comply with the volunteering requirement.

Since NWIS is a voluntary organization and a non-profit one it is always very important of the community to come forward and support it by volunteering in various roles.  For more details please contact the Volunteer coordinator.

  • What other involvement by parents is suggested for the school?

Parents can be part of the active Parents council committee by being part of a group to plan for the school, organize events, support the running of the school etc.