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7750 Ranchview Drive NW Calgary AB, T3G 1Y9 Canada
Our Teaching Pillars
Our Teaching Pillars


*Life of Prophet Mohammad (PUH)

*Islamic Faith & Aqeedah




Asslaamo-Alekum  (May peace be upon you !)

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to NW Islamic school website. We must congratulate you for making the right choice and commitment for the most important asset of your life, which are your child(ren). We would like to see this commitment and dedication enhance throughout the years with NWIS. Teaching our religious principals and blending it with our Canadian values is an important task while living in the west. It makes our children  understand that we are distinct in our religion but still a very valuable asset of the greater Canadian mosaic. Our children learn how to respect other religions as well.

This note is to remind you that your continued participation in the religious education of your child is vital. He/She will spend 189 hrs of a week with you and only 3 hours with us. We would like you to strengthen his/ her lessons with love and affection, so achieving the Islamic education becomes the source of enjoyment and accomplishment. We would like to emphasize the importance of punctuality and continuity of these classes. To achieve great results, your participation in this endeavor is critical to reach our common goals.

Insh Allah we will see you all soon !!

NW Islamic School