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Our Teaching Pillars
Our Teaching Pillars


*Life of Prophet Mohammad (PUH)

*Islamic Faith & Aqeedah



Areas of Teaching

Our three pillars of Islamic Instruction:


We find students of different levels in “qiraat” in the same class. Those students who have the opportunity of learning Quran with a qari, at home are farther along in recitation as compared to those who are reciting Quran only at our school. We try to bridge this gap with the help of “Quran made easy” by Shabbir A Behlim.

Emphasis is given to:

  1. Understanding of short Quranic surahs & مسنون دعا /masnoon duas
  2. Memorization of surahs & مسنون دعا / masnoon duas.

And for that purpose, we use “Juz Amma” by Husain A Nuri & Mansur Ahmad. This is supplemented by additional instruction through its related workbook by Fatima Meghezzi Al Hindi.


It is important to note that teachings in Islam deal with all of the today's challenges like love, respect & care for all, anti-racism, fairness, responsibility & justice. In this context, an Islamic education curriculum aims to develop in student’s positive attitude, skills and knowledge to strengthen their Islamic identity and teach them to live with others in peace and harmony.

Book “Islamic studies” & accompanying workbook, from weekend learning series by Mansur Ahmad & Hussain A Nuri is a collection of Basic concepts i.e. faith in

  1. Allah
  2. His provisions in this world including BEST way to lead life in the form of divine books & prophets
  3. Day of judgment with clear concepts of accountability.
  4. This is followed by seerah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the narration of other prophets or companions of the Prophet (PBUH) who believed in those fundamental concepts and hence presented larger than life examples. So could be taken as “role models”.
  5. Translation of those concepts and practical examples in your own character, manners, habits, activities, goals of life.

Starting from grade 1 to senior grades, students grow by refining these concepts. Over here they enjoy well-prepared articles by their teachers, according to the lesson plan.

Special “vocab” class provided them the opportunity to write down concepts in words or in the form of drawing so that it remains clear & fresh in their mind.

3- Activites and projects:

Class projects

Every grade has two projects for the whole year.

Islam places an emphasis on adab, which includes action/ عمل in education, and ensures that knowledge/  علم  is being put to good use in society.

When engaged in Project Based Learning (PBL), where students worked in teams to experience and explore relevant real-world problems, questions and challenges; then created presentations and products to share what they have learned. The teacher’s role is one of coach, facilitator, guide, advisor, or mentor; it is not one of directing and managing all student work.

Projects for junior most grades varied from simple ideas of appreciating nature to building healthier relationships by enhancing “emotional bank balance”.

Middle grades were offered the opportunity of pondering ideas like cause & effect through dominos and difference in thought processes.

Senior grades were provided the window of expressing themselves on different topics.

School Projects:

Two school projects were planned and executed during the year 2016~17.

From 1st school project, students learned Azan, its manners, dua after azan in the light of Sahih ahadith.

The 2nd school project was based on ayah 164 of Surah Al Baqrah. Students were encouraged to look at the natural phenomenon in the world and take inspiration from them. They were given the idea that we should learn lessons from natural stuff and utilize that knowledge in our daily life in the form of:

  • solutions for daily life to governance strategies,
  • scientific ideas to concepts involved in social sciences,
  • financial concepts to survival solutions,
  • simple plant or animal life strategies that could lead us to good habits etc.

It was amazing to have a tremendous response from students, especially junior grades.

We are confident that this system of theoretical and practical learning will help our children balance Islam and this world from an early age. InshaAllah our next generation will grow to be true Muslims, as well as entrepreneurs, scientists, philosophers, and experts in many more trades.