North West Islamic School

Nurturing children as future leaders

7750 Ranchview Drive NW Calgary AB, T3G 1Y9 Canada
Our Teaching Pillars
Our Teaching Pillars


*Life of Prophet Mohammad (PUH)

*Islamic Faith & Aqeedah




Contract of Commitment

Students & Parents

All Sudents must:

  • Arrive on time for class, preferably 10 minutes before start time
  • Come to class prepared (bring all workbooks, pens, pencils, etc.)
  • Display positive attitude and willingness to learn in class
  • Show respect for teachers, fellow students, and play your role in creating a better environment for Islamic learning
  • Notify the teacher of any absence(s) prior to class as consistent, unexcused absences can result in suspension or dismissal from the NW Islamic School
  • Complete all assigned homework including surah memorization
  • Do NOT leave the Musallah during school hours, NOT even during breaks, as the Musallah staff is not responsible for students if they are not on school property
  • Do Not arrive late or leave early without written parent/teacher permission

All Parents must:

  • Drop off and pick up children on time
  • Park your cars and walk your child to Musallah. PICK & DROP at front of Musallah causes congestion in the parking lot, and creates a bad image of causing problems for others
  • Try to collect your children on time. If you arrive early , please wait in your vehicles or in an isolated area to minimize distraction to students and teachers in their classes
  • Try to leave the Musallah before classes begin, and don’t gather inside to socialize
  • Be enthusiastic and supportive of your child’s Islamic education and learning
  • Encourage your children to complete homework and review/study with them before tests AND be prepared to spend 30 to 60 minutes/week on homework and quran memorization.
  • Discuss and review school agenda with your child every week.
  • Be involved in the ongoing progress and assessment of your child by attending interviews and maintaining a close coordination with the teacher
  • Make sure students come to class with their belongings (bags, books)