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Our Teaching Pillars
Our Teaching Pillars


*Life of Prophet Mohammad (PUH)

*Islamic Faith & Aqeedah




We find students of different levels in “qiraat” in same class. Those students who have the opportunity of learning Quran with a qari, at home are farther along in recitation as compared to those who are reciting Quran only at our school. We try to bridge this gap with the help of “Quran made easy” by Shabbir A Behlim.

Emphasis is given to:

  1. Understanding of short Quranic surahs & مسنون دعا /masnoon duas
  2. Memorization of surahs & مسنون دعا / masnoon duas.

And for that purpose, we use “Juz Amma” by Husain A Nuri & Mansur Ahmad. This is supplemented by additional instruction through its related workbook by Fatima Meghezzi Al Hindi.

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