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Our Teaching Pillars
Our Teaching Pillars


*Life of Prophet Mohammad (PUH)

*Islamic Faith & Aqeedah



Learning to Be a Good Canadian Muslim

Canada is our homeland and Islam is our faith & religion. We share the greatest values for each of these characteristics, and we strive to cultivate devotion for both in our children. Communities are stronger when they respect each others belief and support growth in a positive way. The mission of our program is to nurture our children on Canadian and Islamic values so that they can become leaders of tomorrow; which will make our home land one of the greatest in the world.

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Islamic Education

Islamic teachings deal with all aspects of daily life like love, respect & care for all, fairness, responsibility, civic duties, peace and justice to name a few. In this context, an Islamic education curriculum aims to develop in student’s positive attitude, skills and knowledge to strengthen their Islamic identity and teaches them to live with others in peace and harmony. This helps in strengthening our Canadian mosaic of cultural and religious diversity.

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Quran Studies

The Qur'an is the ultimate divine scripture in Islam. It is the single most important reference for all matters of faith, social practice, the contemplation of law and the understanding of the Allah for Muslims. It is also a direct link to Islam's beloved prophet, Muhammad, the man who both received as well as first disseminated the holy message to the mankind. Learning Quran is essential for being a successful Muslim, as Quran provides guidance in all aspects of lives for a Muslims.
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Projects & Activities

Students are engaged in Project Based Learning (PBL), where students work in teams to experience and explore relevant real-world situations, questions and challenges. They create presentations and products to share what they have learned. The teacher’s role in this exercise is one of coach, facilitator, guide, adviser, or mentor; and NOT one of directing and managing all student work.
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