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School project

We have 2 School projects every year in each of which we pick a topic and teachers provide information (based on authentic information from our side). Teachers plan their units with information, interactive discussion, some sort of activities/ games that revolve around that topic and students are supposed to note down / absorb the information. On final day, students present their understanding in the form of a drawing on chart, power point slide, calligraphy etc. In this way we provide an opportunity to students to express their understanding.

School project 1 for the session 2022~2023:

It was about names of Allah SWT. we have been working on this project since 2017. Every year we select some “Asma Al Husna” because they teach us to recognize our Lord – who He is and what qualities He has; to understand His mercy and His anger; to know what to expect from Him and how to call upon Him when we are in need. These names tell us who He exactly is and hence help us to worship Him better because it is not possible to worship what is unknown.

This year, as usual, information was provided about:

1. Meaning of the name and attributes associated with it.

2. How to live by this name?

Students picked the names, learnt about it and presented amazing calligraphy along with clear thought process.

9 Royal Vista Dr NW Calgary, AB T3G 0E2


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