North West Islamic School

Nurturing children as future leaders

7750 Ranchview Drive NW Calgary AB, T3G 1Y9 Canada
Our Teaching Pillars
Our Teaching Pillars


*Life of Prophet Mohammad (PUH)

*Islamic Faith & Aqeedah



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  • Academics

      Our Principal: Mrs. Shabana Noor, Our principal, is an outstanding academician and possesses the highest skills to lead a weekend

  • Student Life

    Students are given Islamic education in the most pleasant and interactive environment. Students are imparted excellent knowledge of Islam and…

  • Graduation & after !

    Alhamdollilaah !! Graduation day is an exciting event for the entire family. Hard work , focus , concentration and dedication…

The Islamic education you need for a balanced life ahead

Muslim children exposed to core Islamic values in early life are likely to become successful Canadian Muslims in their career and creed.

Help in achieving spiritual gratification

A balanced spiritual and faith based education creates positive influence in establishing respect, justice and peace and makes communities stronger .

Good Islamic Education:  Real Possibility at Weekend Learning

Education is necessary for a successful life and career. Education at public school prepares you to be come a good citizen and achieve your true potential. Faith based learning provides you additional elements in life and career which helps to achieve higher degree of spiritual satisfaction and a strong soul. Learning provided at the weekend Islamic school with small and sustained effort during week days will help you achieve this true balance in life.

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Our professional team

  • Adnan Mansoor

    Dr. Adnan Mansoor is a dedicated community volunteer and is…

  • Mrs. Shabana Noor

    Mrs. Shabana Noor, Our principal, is an outstanding academician and posses…

  • Mrs. Irum Irfan

    Mrs. Irum Irfan, Our academic lead, is a devoted individual who…

  • Ziad Paracha

    Teacher -Co-ordinator Ziad is an active member of the community…

  • Anwar Mohiyuddin

    Anwar Mohiyuddin is the volunteering coordinator for the North West…

  • Taher Moin

    NW Islamic School has an active IT and communication element…